Kublai Khan and Vietnam in Civ VI’s Fifth DLC

Recently, Firaxis announced that not only is there pea soup next Thursday, but also a bit of download material for Civilization VI. The timely term The Vietnam & Kublai Khan Pack becomes available to holders of New Frontier Pass immediately upon release, or at a certain extra cost to the person who only owns the game.

The package launches Mongolian leader Kublai Khan as alternative leader for China and Mongolia and new game mode Monopolies & Corporations which focuses on economic development and profit. Of course, Vietnam will also lead as a new civilization, but more detailed information remains to be seen.

The developers say that there will be more info on social media before release, so the enthusiasts do their best to keep the notes sharp.

Civilization VI is available for Windows, OSX, Linux, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.