Last-minute solution could save Tiktok in the US

According to Swedens radio The US Department of Commerce has decided to postpone the ban to prevent users in the US from downloading the popular Tiktok and Wechat apps from the App Store, Google Play and other app stores.

According to the original decision, the ban would take effect already on Sunday, but now it will take at least a week before it can become a reality.

The reason is that Tiktok seems to be able to reach an agreement with Oracle and Walmart to create a new company based in Texas. The new company will have no connections to China, which makes it difficult for US President Donald Trump to claim that national security is threatened by the app.

The conflict between Donald Trump and Tiktok began in June when a large number of Tiktok users expressed their interest in attending a Trump meeting in Tulsa, Oklahoma. When they then did not show up at the meeting, pictures of the desolate arena were wired around the world, which aroused the president’s anger.

As for Wechat, the future is more uncertain. If the app is banned, it makes it for Chinese citizens living in the US, this as the app is more or less a must for those who want to keep in touch with their home country.