Legitimate scanner app is confused with insidious – “bombed” in the Play Store

Zxing Team’s Barcode Scanner app is bombarded with negative reviews in Google’s Play Store, reports The Verge. Hundreds of users have given the app a bottom rating and claim that a new update is taking over the browser and starting to show unwanted ads. At the same time, hundreds of other users have taken the app in defense and instead given it top marks.

Barcode Scanner is one of the very first Android apps, which was even released before the first official version of Android. The app has currently been downloaded over 100 million times.

Exactly what the situation depends on is unclear. A recurring theory is that those who published negative reviews actually mixed up Zxing Team’s Barcode Scanner app with Barcode Scanner from Lavabird. This was recently removed from the Play Store after an update in December contained malicious adware code that began to spread advertising.

It is unclear whether Google will intervene and modify the rating of the Zxing Teams Barcode Scanner app in any way as a result of the possible misunderstanding. The problem seems to be limited to US reviews, but points to the problem that apps can be given identical names.

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