LG is introducing new OLED TVs with some improvements

LG has now introduced the new G2 and C2 series of TVs that retain a lot from last year’s series, but with some improvements.

CES 2022 is in full swing and of course LG is in place to show off something new on the TV front. This time it’s like the G2 and C2 series where G2, among other things, has now had cooling fins implemented, which means that the brightness can be increased a little more for a longer period without damaging the panel, LG calls this the OLED Evo panel. Another news with the G2 series is that they come in two new sizes, 83- and 97-inch for those who are looking for bastards.

C2 is the series that is more adapted for gamers and probably especially next-gen consoles as we still have 4K UHD resolution and 120Hz in refresh rate to take advantage of. This time too, there is support for G-sync, Freesync and VRR.

C2 will have different profiles and this time these are profiles depending on what genre of game it is. Then there will also be support for Google Stadia and Nvidia Geforce Now from the start.

The latest news with the C2 this time is that it is now also available as a smaller model, 42 inches if you prefer a smaller screen / TV.

LG plans to start selling the C2 and G2 series in the first half of 2022.