LG presents new panel technology QNED

LG seems to have a lot of new TVs underway and now they have presented a new panel technology that they call QNED and is based on MiniLED.

LG seems to be at the forefront when it comes to TVs and now they are taking all this one step further with a new technology. QNED is the name of the panel technology that we will get significantly more from in 2021 and this will be based on the miniLED technology.

According to LG, this will increase the quality of image and performance significantly, we will get a more dynamic HDR, significantly better contrast and better blackness. If all this is true, each of us will probably have to decide for ourselves.

The new devices that TV is working on with QNED will have 30,000 LED lights, which will mean that there are 2,500 dimming zones and a contrast ratio of 1,000,000: 1.

LG will be showcasing these new TVs at the CES show which kicks off on January 11th. There we get to see which models, more figures in performance but above all perhaps a price tag.