LG S95QR new soundbar in the premium segment

Just before CES 2022, LG has presented, among other things, a new soundbar that is for the slightly more discerning and has support for a lot.

LG has previously impressed with its TVs where it is clearly at the forefront when it comes to support for new apps and features.

LG has now introduced the S92QR, which is a new soundbar system that, among other things, offers 9.1.5 sound and has an output of a full 810W. There is no doubt that this system focuses on quality and wide distribution of sound. LG in the soundbar itself upward-facing speakers, three in the loaf and two separate rear speakers.

The LG S95QR will support Dolby Atmos, DTS: X and IMAX Enhanced, among others. A must when acquiring a home theater system is to calibrate it and here LG helps through LG’s “AI Room Calibration”.

LG will talk more about the LG S95QR at this year’s CES 2022, which kicks off in early January.