LG shows off its largest – and smallest – OLED TV ever at CES

While some manufacturers have chosen to stay at home this year, LG will, as usual, come to the CES show with a number of new TVs. The company has launched new OLED models in the C and G series and also new miniled-equipped LCD models in the Qned series.

The G2 is brighter than its predecessor, but the C2 has a bigger news as it gets LG’s more advanced Evo panel which previously was only available in the more expensive G models. This makes it significantly brighter than the C1.

Both models use a new composite material that makes them lighter. As an example, LG says that the 65-inch model of the C2 weighs half as much as the C1 in the same size.

Speaking of size, the G2 comes in a larger size than any previous OLED TV: up to 97 inches. However, it only has 4k resolution, unlike LG’s old record-breaking 88-inch TV which has 8k resolution.

All the more interesting for many may be that the C2 comes in a new minimum size: 42 inches. Previously, LG’s OLED models started at 48 inches. The new smaller size can make it more attractive for those who use a TV as a computer screen or need to fit in a cramped space such as a boat or motorhome.

LG’s Qned family also gets new models with miniled, plus an entry-level model called Qned80 that still uses old-fashioned led lighting.