LG shows off transparent OLED screens before CES

In connection with CES 2022, LG has presented several new transparent concept screens, reports The Verge.

The OLED Shelf (pictured above) consists of two transparent 55-inch OLED screens that are attached on top of each other. At the top there is a shelf that also makes the whole device protrude a bit from the wall so that a space is created behind the screens. According to LG, Oled Shelf is intended for living rooms where it can display both art and moving material at the same time on the various screens.

Shopping Managing Showcase
Photo: LG

Shopping Managing Showcase (pictured above) is then a transparent monitor made for luxury stores. The idea is that the screen will be placed in front of physical products to create an innovative presentation together with moving image material.

LG Show Window
Photo: LG

Finally, we have Show Window (pictured above) which is a transparent 55-inch display aimed at companies with shop windows. The idea is that the store owners should be able to easily and nicely display and replace text at the same time as it is possible to look into the store. Even though it is a concept screen, LG’s Show Window will already be used in several parts of the world. Among other things by the fashion store Musinsa in Seoul.

When and if any of the concept screens appear in Sweden remains to be seen.

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