Logitech presents Pop Keys with its own emoji keys

Logitech has now presented a completely new keyboard they call Pop Keys which in design really stands out but also with its functions.

That we use emojis more and more today is no secret and also nothing that I think will decrease exactly. Therefore have now Logitech presented their latest addition to the keyboards they call Pop Keys.

Pop Keys is a keyboard with a design that stands out a little more than usual, including its color choices where we can initially choose either pink, yellow / purple or yellow / black. Colors that actually fit well on the keyboard.

Pop Keys is then also a wireless keyboard that uses mechanical switches, Cherry MX Brown to be exact. And when we say wireless then it is completely wireless, there is no USB port for charging but there are two AAA batteries that apply.

Logitech Pop Keys

The shape of the buttons is different and a bit reminiscent of an older typewriter with its round buttons, if even the feeling is there remains to be seen. At the far right is a row of five buttons that you can choose a little what you want to use the buttons for, but Logitech sends with emoji buttons anyway, it comes with four extra buttons if you want to change. But if you do not want to use these buttons for emojis, you can program them to whatever you want.

In addition to Pop Keys, a mouse in each color will also be released and the mouse also has a dedicated button for emojis only.

Logitech Pop Keys have already started to be sold in Australia and China, will go on sale in the US in November and we in Europe will get this in the near future, no prices have been revealed.

Logitech Pop Keys Logitech Pop Keys