Logitech presents the new gaming headset G335

Logitech G continues to come with a little less news and this time it is a new headset with a focus on light weight and its colors.

Logitech G has now expanded its Color collection with the latest addition, the G335. Here we have a lightweight headset that runs at 3.5mm and fits perfectly with a PC as a console.

If you look at the G335 design, it is very similar to the G733 but a cheaper variant and that the G335 is not wireless but has to make do with cable. Thanks to driving with cable, they have managed to reduce the weight of the G335 to only 240 grams, which makes them very light to be gaming headsets today.

The Logitech G335 is available for purchase already today and the price tag is only SEK 699. Will be available in three different colors, see the pictures below.

Logitech G G335