Look into the world of Savathûn and marvel at the environmental variations

A world that reflects her mind.

On February 22, Bungie releases the fourth expansion for Destiny 2, The Witch Queen. And the queen is no less than the goddess Savathûn herself, an insidious and evil mistress. On someone on the left, she has succeeded in the feat of attaching herself to the forces of Light – the same forces that give the protectors of humanity the power to defend themselves against cosmic threats – and it is up to us to catch a glimpse of the mystery.

The trailer gives us an insight into her world, a so-called throne world as powerful beings that Savathûn can conjure up. This world reflects her cunning and intricate lies. In this place, she is truly Queen. As the clip suggests, we should explore her dimension, expose the lies and take back the Light. We do this through what we do best: shoot and blow things up!

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To help us, we have the opportunity for a new technology, weapon crafting, which allows us to build our own weapons. Including the new weapon type Glaive! And we will need all the pickadolls and treats we can muster, for Savathûn’s world is protected by her elite guard, the Lucent Brood. These light-enhanced atrocities give us a taste of our own medicine.

But there is nothing a good shotgun can not kill. So let’s build a Felwinter’s Lie 2.0!

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A varied world full of secrets – or lies

It is an action-packed trailer, with fast cuts and short sweeps. But if we put toothpicks under the eyelids, press our eyes against the screen, we are offered several interesting scenes. Above all, Savathûn’s world seems full of exciting and varied environments.

We land in a swamp, full of dense vegetation and moist soil. The sky seems poisoned and on the horizon a pyramid ship is brooding. What is hidden in the mud will certainly be an adventure. If we pass the marshes, we find Savethûn’s palace, a place that is unusually beautiful with white facades and blood-red flowers. Posing statues adorn the gardens of her courtyard and in the center of her fortress rises an elliptical building whose strange shape is striking.

The Witch Queen court yard of moonlight.
A romantic garden to engage in firefighting in with your partner.

The internal environments are more difficult to map. Here the emotions shift intensely between dark terrifying corridors, sacred corridors and foreign technologies. Volcanic underground caves to overcome and even a Scorn fortification await in the kingdom of Savathûn. Although many of the interiors share architecture, they differ drastically in lighting and details. The feelings, as I said, are intense in every environment and soon we can go there on looting trains!

Not since Oryx invaded our solar system with its Dreadnaught have we been faced with a destination full of secrets. And I can not save myself for the release of The Witch Queen!