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In the entertaining and ingeniously designed roguelite game Loop Hero the doom of the world is a rather laid back affair.

In the beginning, God apparently did not create either heaven or earth. But the earth was absolutely desolate, and darkness was definitely over the depths. IN Loop Hero the universe has perished, and it is your responsibility to rebuild it over and over again, until the destructive loop can be broken. However, creating a world is not as complicated as it may sound.

Four Quarters has previously made the ingenious little game Please, Do not Touch Anything. It is now obvious to them that it was not a one-time event, and that this developer has a unique talent for creating casual games that are not content with being contentless and underdesigned. Loop Hero shows that it is certainly possible to make an extremely easily accessible game, which at the same time has just the right amount of complexity under the surface.

The concept is simple and straightforward. You start each game round on a predetermined path, which goes around in a constant loop. Along the course, enemies appear, which your character fights on their own, without you having any direct influence over the battles. It may sound boring, but the game is structured so that, by gradually building up the world and picking up better equipment, you still have enough indirect influence to make it feel rewarding.

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What is it?

A laid-back roguelite game that does a lot with a little.


Four Quarters





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Intel Core i5 7600k

GTX 1070


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For each loop, you expand the world more and more – until it goes under again.