Lost in Random reveals its battle system and release date

It’s now more than a year since Electronic Arts has unveiled the new game from its EA Originals label (not to be confused with Ubisoft’s, eh): Lost in Random, the new effort from the developers of Fe, already signed at the American glove. As in 2020, it is via an all that there is more online event that the adventure reenacts, probably after having made a double.

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Last month, Zoink Games took it easy by revealing to us what is happening in the Burtonesque kingdom of Ala, as two sisters are tragically separated by a twist of fate. Finally … a dice roll, what.

Today, Creative Director Olav Redmalm invited himself to EA Play Live to reveal more about the DICE battles, the game’s fights with mechanics mixing action and card games. By collecting coins during their adventure, the young Pair will amass loot that will allow them to buy buff and attack cards from the local dealer.

Faced with a host of disproportionate opponents, his companion d will allow you to vary the approaches: while Pair ducks and uses his many powers, Dcisse accumulates energy, to finally stop time, and give free rein to his strategic desires. .

Those who have been charmed by the artistic direction of Lost in Random will not have to wait long, since the game will be released on September 10 on PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.