Lost the opening match – but Team Spirit came back and won the upset

Team Spirit has won the Dota 2 World Cup, The International. Sometimes, however, it is not the shortest path that becomes the most favorable. For the CIS region’s Team Spirit, it was instead the longest possible distance before they could reach the top. After losing to Invictus Gaming in the first match of the upper playoff section, six straight wins against the best teams in the world would be required.

In their climb, Team Spirit had to face the two-time reigning champions OG, the team that beat them in the first match – Invictus – and the European top team Team Secret with the Swede “Zai”.

On the other side of The International final were finally the veterans of Chinese PSG.LGD who were clear favorites. However, Team Spirit came out strong with two straight wins in this best of five finals and only needed to secure one more win. However, PSG.LGD would not make it easy but instead took home the next two, where the last of these was a pure overtaking where the Russian team only got two kills.

58.5 percent of the incredible prize money of approximately SEK 345 million was thus decided in the last possible battle. Despite the Chinese having the driving force from the last two matches, Team Spirit was able to secure a 29-12 win in kills, and these unannounced winners were crowned world champions yesterday.