LumiSpa ageLOC a complete skin care routine

To all of you who are new to Nu Skin LumiSpa, here is a post where we can hopefully make you a little wiser about why their home spa is worth trying and looking at.

Since the pandemic broke out, many beauty-conscious people have had to rethink, both salons and customers / visitors to these salons. Given that you need to be close to each other, you may not really dare to expose yourself or the staff who work in the industry. Then, as a consumer, you may have had to rethink, how should I be able to continue to maintain my external beauty at home?

Then Nu Skin LumiSpa has a fantastic solution to this. Taking care of the skin is important but perhaps not always so easy every time as there are some skin care products and series to get through. Quite frankly, a jungle. I can also experience a slight headache about what I should think about with my skin type, the purpose of my skin care and what I want to get out of my treatments.

Because it is so, different skin types have different needs and it can be time consuming and confusing to create a comprehensive skin care routine. Therefore, Nu Skin has developed a complete skin care device that helps to tackle the most common skin problems with fantastic results without taking up unnecessary time.

LumiSpa also has unique accessories designed to deliver both fantastic cleaning and gentle caring eye care. The ageLOC LumiSpa does is that it cleans properly, really deeply. You use your own two-sense motion technique, pore action, to remove environmental debris, dirt and makeup while providing the following skin benefits that are enhanced when the system is consistently used for two minutes twice daily. How good do they not sound?

According to LumiSpa, you will soon notice seven wonderful benefits:

  1. 37% smoother skin after a single use
  2. 37% softer skin after a single use
  3. Twice visibly cleaner skin after 12 weeks.
  4. 62% more luster after 12 weeks.
  5. Less prominent pores.
  6. The skin becomes clearer.
  7. The skin is visibly refreshed.

In the development of ageLOC LumiaSpa, Nu Skin conducted several clinical studies incl. An eight-week study that revealed individuals who used the system experienced improvements in skin softness, structure, clarity and radiance.

It will be incredibly fun to do a review of this product in the future and see how we experience it. Does it live up to expectations? Will we see and notice any difference?