M1 Max tracks worsting cards from AMD in photo test

The Radeon Pro W6900X is the fattest graphics card you can choose from in Mac Pro. It costs SEK 75,000 and draws 300 watts alone, but still gets to see the beat of Apple’s new M1 Max chip in a photo test.

It is the developers of Affinity Photo who have run the program’s built-in benchmark test on both a Macbook Pro with M1 Max and partly in Mac Pro with W6900X, and the laptop was faster on all subtests. In the pure graphics test, the difference was marginal, while cpu-based tests showed greater difference.

Affinity Photo is of course just a program, but the results point to what Apple’s chip can achieve in programs that take full advantage of them.

According to Andy Somerfield, who is leading the development of the program, the fantastic result is due to the M1 Max doing three things really well: High computing capacity (many flops), high memory bandwidth and fast transfers between cpu and graphics card.

This is the last point that Apple has made much better by letting the cpu and graphics circuit share the same memory. This means that data simply does not need to be moved, which in some applications gives a huge boost in performance.