M1 users report extreme ssd activity

A potentially serious problem with Apple’s new Macs with M1 processor has been discovered, reports Appleinsider. Users have reported unusually high wear on the built-in storage.

Hector Martin has, for example, shared information from his Macbook on Twitter. It has been 432 hours but has already written 150 TB to disk. A modern ssd can have a lifespan of anywhere between 1,000 and 5,000 TB written. Apple does not specify the lifespan of its ssds, but with upwards of 600 TB a year, an M1 Mac may become unusable after just a few years if the behavior is not corrected.

According to the results from the tool smartctl, Hector Martins ssd has a wear of three percent. If he has had it since its launch in November, it means one percent a month, or a lifespan of just over eight years.

Appleinsider points out that it is possible that the tool does not receive correct data from the new machines. The reports show, for example, very low values ​​for the number of hours switched on.

You can view information about your ssd yourself and see how much data has been written to it, using the terminal tool smartctl. With Homebrew, you install and run it with the following two commands:

brew install smartmontools
sudo smartctl --all /dev/disk0

(If you have more than one storage device, you may need to drive diskil list to find the correct disk).