Mac OS 10.16 can be historic – here’s the news we want to see

Apple’s classic developer fair WWDC is fast approaching, and Mac OS is particularly interested in this year given the recurring rumors that Mac will eventually get support for arm processors, and of course Apple’s own A processors from the iPhone and Ipad.

The current Mac OS Catalina was in many ways a messy update, with unfortunately quite a few bugs, delayed support for 32-bit, and many, admittedly well-meaning with also disturbing dialogs with security warnings and permission requests in time and time.

In other words, there is plenty of room for improvement and fine-tuning. Here are some of the news we hope for.

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Power Saver

There are already third-party applications such as the Turbo Boost Switcher, which allows users to turn off the Intel processors’ Turbo Boost and thus save some battery life, but a built-in and more extensive power saving mode would be worth the gold at times when we have to work long hours without access to power.

A Catalyst 2.0

The idea of ​​being able to run Ipad apps on Mac is and remains both interesting and promising. So far, however, Catalyst has been too restrictive for developers. Keyboard shortcuts are not supported, and navigating the iPad apps available for Macs often feels both clumsy and unnatural with mouse pointers.

We hope Catalyst gets a solid review of Mac OS 10.16. And why not also make iPhone apps available on Mac OS? Being able to run real Instagram in a small window on the Mac (rather than the mediocre web version) would certainly have been appreciated by many and is a great way for Apple to really take advantage of its various app ecosystems.

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More iOS on Mac

And when we are still at IOS. IOS needs more on Macs, at least more apps available on Iphone and Ipad, but not on Macs. We lack the Health app to get an overview of our health data. We do not have Shortcuts, to be able to use the same automations on Iphone as on Mac. And we don’t miss the real Messaging app from Iphone on Mac OS,

Catalyst already exists, so any excuse for not porting more apps to Mac OS is hard to understand.

Take responsibility for the 8 GB Macs

Apple has long been selling, and still selling, Macar with only 8 GB of working memory. Even in the latest updates of Macbook Pro and Macbook Air, 8 GB of working memory is standard in most models, and that’s also the configuration most Macbook buyers choose – simply because it’s usually the models that are on the shelf.

Apple should do all they can to improve memory management in Mac OS. For all Mac OS users, but above all as a way to take responsibility for the 8 GB models.

Fix the bugs

Mac OS Catalina was no dance on roses, with a lot of bugs and performance issues. Signed has had recurring bluetooth problems with Catalina.

This is perhaps the most important point of all. The Mac is a pure work tool for many users, and then a fast, pain-free user experience smacks higher than new features. A focus on performance and bug fixes on la IOS 12 and Snow Leopard respectively is high on the wish list.

Will this be the first Mac OS with arm support?

Much suggests that Apple will begin a gradual transition to arm processors for Macs, and if that is true, the upcoming Mac OS 10.16 may well be the first Mac OS to support arm processors, though it depends on when it does. here the transition will begin. In any case, it’s a historic event in the Mac world.

With arm processors, we may also be able to enjoy features on Mac OS, downloaded from the IOS world, such as the aforementioned power saving mode, and why not a proprietary, built-in mobile connection.

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