Mac OS 12 – five news we want to see in the next Mac OS

Mac OS Big Sur was a major transformation of Mac OS. Everything from major changes in appearance and interface, down to details such as version number. For the first time, it is not called Mac OS 10.X, but the name became Mac OS 11.

Therefore, it should be Mac OS number 12 that Apple will show at the upcoming WWDC conference. But we do not know much about what the Mac OS version will contain.

They usually leak less information about Mac OS, compared to, for example, iOS. However, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman claims that Apple is planning fewer updates in this year’s Mac OS version, which sounds reasonable after the relatively very large Big Sur update.

With that said, there will still be some news – here are five news that we hope to see.

1. Bug fixes and refinements

We hope that Apple takes the time to refine and improve what was new in Big Sur, because when so much is new, there are some sharp edges that need to be sharpened. Bugs as extreme ssd activity, which we wrote about earlier, we would like to see a solution, or at least an explanation for, in Mac OS 12.

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In addition, we can not help but wonder if there is more performance to be gained from M1-Macar. IOS has sometimes seen great performance steps ahead and maybe there is more to pick up here as well.

Mac OS Big Sur

2. It’s time for Shortcuts on Mac

On iOS, we can create our own or download other people’s smart automations in the Shortcuts app. The question is why the program is not available for Mac OS. Of course, Mac OS has a much greater freedom than iOS, not least for encoding your own projects or work. Then there are also old, classic Automator for writing your own scripts.

But Shortcuts can in many ways be a much more accessible, easy-to-use way to create simple, smart automations, with or without code.

In addition, there may be automations that we saved in iOS that would be just as useful on Mac OS, not least web-related shortcuts. Therefore, we hope that 2021 will be the year when Shortcuts comes to Mac OS.

3. More iOS apps on Mac

There are more iOS apps that should come to Mac. Some already exist, such as the Home app and Reminders, while others are missing. It’s not easy to see the logic behind which iOS apps come to Mac and which do not.

Why is there Voice Memo, but not Health? To be able to track, save and, for example, export their health data to spreadsheets, even on Mac OS, we hope will be possible with Mac OS 12.

4. Wanted: Better Home app

It’s also worth noting that more ported iOS apps need to get significantly better on Mac. Like the Home app, which feels hopelessly stiff. It does not feel like an app that thrives on a Mac at all.

Home App Mac

Clicking on an accessory to turn it on or off is okay, but right-clicking and then pressing Show controls, to then be able to change the brightness of a lamp does not feel at all well thought out.

And maybe that’s why we’re not seen more iOS apps on Macs – they’s not good enough.

5. Classic of the list: Improved Siri

This is a ghost that always reappears on our wish lists and so also this year. But it is almost impossible to let go that Apple was the first to popularize a digital voice assistant with the release of the Iphone 4S in 2011. Now, however, Apple is hopelessly behind on that front.

Perhaps it is time to make lower demands on Siri and higher demands on Apple to first fix the most basic things, before the voice assistant can take a bigger step forward. Like being able to use Siri even when your computer is offline or being able to set a timer on your Mac pomodoro-timer would be helpful on a computer often used for work).