Mafia trilogy returns in August | interspersed

2K Games announced in the days that their well-liked three-part game series, Mafia, will be released again. These parts will all get the epithet Definitive Edition, but with little differences between themselves. The first part of the series will receive a regular new version: everything is changed from scratch. Part two will instead be renovated into a UHD remaster (ie with support for 4K resolution) by the studio D3T Limited. The third and final part is a so-called reintroduction. Given the low age, it’s not like that Mafia 3 need some more intervention than that.

This definitive trilogy will be released on August 28 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac and Stadia. However, you can play parts 2 and 3 already. Players can either purchase these parts individually, or pre-order the entire trilogy. The pre-booking comes with some digital candy too Mafia: Definitive Edition (an extra player costume, a new car and an extra color scheme for weapons). Sign up for 2K Games website you can also get extra goodies (motorcycles for one; “Made Man Pack” for two; an extra suit and an extra weapon for the three). However, all content that was released to the respective title when it was launched, ie DLC and other bonus content, is included directly in the package.

Mafia is currently being developed by the 2K-owned studio Hangar 13. The first part of the series was released in 2002 on PC, Xbox and PlayStation 2. The sequel was delayed until 2010 and released on PC / Mac, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The third part appeared in 2016 on PC / Mac, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. RPG by name Mafia III: Rivals was also released to Android and iOS devices in 2016.