Magic Keyboard with Touch ID does not work with all Macs

Apple has finally updated its Magic Keyboard, but features such as Touch ID will not work for all Macs.

That we get to see Touch ID on more and more gadgets from Apple is not really a surprise but clearly a plus. This particular keyboard will be included with the iMac M1.

Now we have the information that Magic Keyboard with Touch ID will work with other Macs with M1 chip, but as it looks now, it is required that it has M1 and not Intel. If you still want to use this Magic Keyboard normally, this is via Bluetooth.

But as it looks now, you must have a Mac with M1 chip to be able to take advantage of Touch ID on Magic Keyboard. Another strange detail right now is that you can not buy Magic Keyboard with Touch ID separately but only with iMac, but this will probably change soon.