Manor Lords combines urban planning with Total War-scented battles

Urban Builders is suddenly a green genre with countless titles under development. However, we have not encountered this variant before; Manor Lords is an upcoming medieval strategy game, which intends to combine “deep, structural and realistic urban planning with large-scale and strategic battles”.

You can check out a new one Manor Lordstrailer that focuses on the battles below, with sequences that at least remind me of Creative Assemblies Total War-game. We are promised, among other things, individual equipment and stats for all fighters, a waypoint system, formations, meaningful height differences, different locations for archers and melee fighters, significant weather, tactical retreats and exhausted units.

The developers Slavic Magic say that they are “slowly but surely ready” getting ready for the early access launch of Manor Lords via Steam, even if you have not yet nailed down a date. Here is the new trailer.