Maps updated – more news on the way to Google’s map service

Google has now announced a series of news that will be released this year to the company’s map service Maps.

Live View uses AR and is powered by a technology called “global localization” that uses AI to scan tens of billions of Streetview images so that Google Maps can understand the user’s position and direction. This allows Google Maps to provide more detailed guidance with AR arrows and signs that can also take into account things like height differences. For example, if the user is down in a subway, he can find out if he needs to go down a certain staircase. So far, the function is available in a limited number of places, none of which are in Sweden.

A new weather layer will allow users to see the current weather for an area as well as the forecast for the coming hours. A new air storage also shows the health quality of the air in the area. These features will be available for both Android and iOS in the coming months, of which the weather layer will be available globally, while the air layer will first appear in Australia, India and the USA.

Google Maps will also have a new feature for more environmentally friendly guidance that optimizes a travel distance so that it has lower fuel consumption by observing factors such as slope and traffic volume. The function will later become automatic in cases where the driving time is approximately the same. In cases where there is a big difference, Google Maps will inform about this and let the user make the choice. The feature will first appear in the US later this year and will then be launched globally. Google Maps will also start providing notifications if a driver is in a low-emission zone.

In the US, Maps users will also begin to see more detailed information about ordering groceries online and either picking them up outside the store or having them delivered to their home via various services. It is unclear when similar information may appear in other countries.

In addition, Google says that this year they will bring over 100 different AI-powered enhancements to Google Maps to ensure that the map service contains the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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