Margins separated the finalists – League of Legends

The Chinese League of Legend’s top team, Edward Gaming, faced the reigning world champions Damwon Gaming from South Korea in a long-awaited final match. The 32-day countdown was over. For the first time since 2016, all five matches were required to crown the winners who eventually became the Chinese team Edward Gaming.

Despite an empty arena, it was a final to remember. Edward started well by taking home the first match by a fairly safe margin and it looked good in the meeting against the reigning champions. However, Damwon is not a team that can ever be calculated. After picking back two safe matches, they were only one match away from tournament winnings.

Once again, however, the match would be equalized by an Edward win and a month’s play would be decided. After both teams gained experience and began to understand each other in the first four matches, it was finally the Chinese organization that could adapt best and won 21-10 in kills. In addition, they were honored to be the first to receive championship rings, which is the tournament’s latest tradition.

The creators of League of Legends, Riot, have been working hard lately to create interest around the LoL universe. Here you can see both different types of events and exhibitions. Among other things, they exhibited characters from their built-up universe in the middle of the T-central in Stockholm last Friday to draw attention to the premiere of the Netflix series Arcane, which takes place in Rio’s game world.