Mark Cerny, the designer of the console, reveals the additional SSD he has chosen

As we indicated to you last week, Sony has just activated via a beta update the possibility of extending the internal storage capacity of the PS5 by inserting an additional SSD. Several models are already compatible and the one we nickname “the architect of the PS5” has made his choice.

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Mark Cerny, the designer of the PS5 (who was also the designer of the PS4) revealed on Twitter the additional internal SSD model he chose to install on his PS5 as well as on that of his companion. The brain behind the architecture of the PlayStation 5 therefore threw itself into the WD_BLACK SN850 (with heat sink) from Western Digital.

Western Digital is therefore one of the lucky ones who now offer internal SSDs compatible with the PS5. The model chosen personally by Mark Cerny and available in three versions with heat sink: 500 GB (168.99 euros), 1 TB (263.99 euros) and 2 TB (545.99 euros). Slightly cheaper versions of these three SSDs, without a heat sink, are also available. Sony, however, recommends using SSDs equipped with a heat sink.

Choice for the moment limit

The hour when these lines are written, only two manufacturers currently offer SSDs whose compatibility with the PS5 is guaranteed. In addition to the aforementioned WD_BLACK SN850 from Western Digital, the Seagate Firecuda 530 already works in Sony’s new generation console too. Like its competitor from Seagate, the Firecuda 530 offers several storage capacities (500 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB and even 4 TB) with or without a heat sink. And here too, the bill can quickly be dirty (the 4TB model exceeds 1100 euros).

As a reminder, the possibility of increasing the internal storage capacities of the PS5 is for the moment reserved for the only participants in the beta of the firmware of the console. Sony has not yet specified the date on which this option will be given to all PS5 users. Those who participate in the beta program set up by Sony can find more information on the requirements for an additional SSD to be compatible with the PS5. this address. As mentioned above, only an additional internal SSD can launch a PS5 game in the same way as it is possible to do from the base storage of the console.

Are you going like Mark Cerny to add an internal SSD to your PS5? If so, which model will you choose? If not, what is your current storage solution? Are you satisfied with the SSD included in the console? Tell us all in the comments below.