Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy ‘Finds An Audience’ Thanks To Xbox Game Pass

Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy 'Finds An Audience' Thanks To Xbox Game Pass

Earlier this year, Square Enix admitted that: Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy got off to a slow start despite releasing to much acclaim in late 2021, followed by the game’s entry into Xbox Game Pass about a month ago.

Speak with Eurogamer Earlier this week, Senior Narrative Director Mary DeMarle praised the effect Xbox Game Pass has had on the game, saying that “it’s great that it’s finding its audience” after a tough sales period:

“For me it’s all about making the game. What I love now is that people, especially with Games Pass, are playing and sharing the experience. We make games to touch people, we make games to hitting audiences And it’s great that it’s finding its audience, and it’s great that it keeps moving forward.”

The game’s Senior Creative Director, Jean-Francois Dugas, also had a few things to say as part of the interview, admitting that “we’ve done everything we could, but that’s the reality of the market” regarding to the poor sales figures at launch, refusing to say in any way whether we can expect a sequel to the game in the future.

Despite the rocky start, it has been suggested that Microsoft paid around $5-10 million US dollars to get Guardians of the Galaxy on Xbox Game Pass, and the Pure Xbox community has certainly enjoyed it thus far and voted it the best. March’s best Xbox Game Pass addition with a whopping 49% of the vote, beating people like Tunic and Crusader Kings 3

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