Mass Effect: BioWare tease with artwork from the next episode

For nearly ten years, every November 7 has been an opportunity for BioWare to celebrate the Mass Effect license, and to offer a (very) brief preview of the next episode promised last year.

Fortunately for the flock of Commander Sheperd, the N7 2021 which was held this weekend was the opportunity to talk about Mass Effect again, and without even having to mention the recent Legendary Edition compilation:

It will be almost fourteen years since Captain Shepard first boarded the Normandy. Fourteen years that a huge new universe opened to players. Fourteen years since “Ashley or Kaidan?” (but if you ask BioWare veteran Mac Walters and Mike Gamble, they’ll go for Garrus and Liara respectively. It’s understandable).

Fourteen years may seem like an eternity, but sometimes it passes in the blink of an eye. This is one of the reasons why we are celebrating N7 Day: to take the time to take stock, to appreciate everything that touches Mass Effect directly or indirectly. And that’s not what is missing! This year, we would like to invite you to join us for a little Mako-mode trip to the past and present of Mass Effect, pay tribute to the wonderful community that makes the series so special (that’s you!), And mark the end of the day. thanks to the special surprises of N7 Day. Read on to find out more!

She lost in space

And if the surprises detailed on the publisher’s site were indeed very numerous, the announcement that will have caught the attention of all potential explorers comes down to this simple tweet published on the official account of the Mass Effect series:

On the occasion of N7, we have another surprise from the team working on the next Mass Effect.

Unless you dropped your lenses in the sink this morning, you won’t fail to notice the message accompanying this unique visual: “Mass Effect will continue, an affirmation that echoes the first video teasing of Mass Effect 4 unveiled during the Game Awards 2020. The most observant (and those who know how to use the zoom function) will not fail to notice the other protagonists who advance towards this strange crater, in front of which some Internet users think they see a Geth appear …

Space in Numbers

For those who have less good eyes, Electronic Arts has also published many statistics from Mass Effect Legendary Edition, starting with the loyalty of some protagonists:

And for those who like completeness, here are some of the choices players have made over the past few months: