Mass Effect remaster + new part of the saga

Mass Effect 1-3 get a remaster together, baptized Legendary Edition, wrote BioWare on your blog during N7-day. The collection will contain the original trilogy in its entire single player garb with all DLC, promo material (weapons, protection, packages), fully optimized for 4K resolution. The release date will be sometime in the spring of next year for both PS4 and Xbox One, as well as for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S and – of course – PC.

In the same post, the studio goes out with the next part in Mass EffectThe saga is in an early stage of development. However, it sounds like the team, which is described as veterans, has a fairly solid vision. Hopefully we will find out more soon!

For those who just can not get enough of Mass Effect so have Spacelab9 keep track of is. At least when it comes to being able to spin the series’ soundtrack on vinyl. Namely, they release a solid box on 4 LPs, each with its own color scheme, which covers a total of 85 songs from the trilogy’s soundtrack. The pre-booking does not open until January, but if you want to keep track already now, it is the group’s newsletter that applies.

Mass Effect is a much appreciated franchise in gaming history. Now, however, we have not seen much of the series on the current generation of hardware. In addition to the criticism raised Andromeda it has been pretty quiet since the original trilogy ended. Now we get to see both a bunch of remasters on the said original trilogy and a new part in the saga. Well, the latter in due course.