Maximum with action with Maximum Action

The Max PayneThe fragrant first-person shooter is rickety, imprecise, unfinished and absolutely… absolutely wonderful. Type.

Maximum Action is still in early access, and it’s noticeable. But in the end, it does not matter if all the pieces are in place. That the enemies sometimes do not notice that you exist even when you shoot them in the skull from close range, that the bullet holes float in the air instead of sitting in the wall, or that you get stuck in edges and doors from time to time. It’s just too much fun for me to get annoyed for a few longer moments. The shortcomings are obvious, but I can not bear to worry – much like when I watch a fun old b-action movie.

If nothing else, it promises very well for the future that the game is so entertaining already in early access. For those who want to see what the game looks like in motion I recorded a little bit of my second encounter with the game, so I’m still struggling to get the slightly floating controls in order. But I think it turns out that the game is a fun moment of chaotic bullet time-revealing, which mixes Max Paynes acrobatic shooting with that kind of really stupid b-action that was on the video shelves at gas stations in the 80’s.

Check out the game in the Youtube clip below, and keep in mind that the game looks crazier than it feels to actually play it.

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