Meet Night City’s tough guys in Cyberpunk 2077

A quick tour of the Night City, where gangs and crime abound.

Only a couple of months remain before CD Project Red releases its highly anticipated role-playing game Cyperpunk 2077. During the summer, the Polish studio has, among other things, harvested weapons, life paths and equipment in its previews. Now they present the main character of the game: the city of Night City, a dense and vertical landscape of steel and happy.

If you want to know more about the city, you can jack in to the city’s website at, a credible fake site with lots of pop-up ads from the game. If you still crave more Cyberpunk, you are welcome to read about everything we know about attributes, skills and perks, or about that psychopathic cyborg Adam Smasher.

Night City – the gangs

Night City is divided into districts and each district has its own gang. These have their own agendas, express themselves with distinctive clothing styles and cyberware, and have conflicts with rival gangs. The player does his best to get to know them for jobs and access to unique vehicles, weapons and clothing. But if you step on their toes, you can count on them aiming at your forehead bone.

CD Projekt Red has been very clear that the player will not be able to join a gang when he plays a mercenary, a so-called edgerunner. The player will instead hang out at the restaurant Afterlife, a notorious watering hole in Watson where all drinks are named after dead edgerunners and famous rebels.