Metroid Dread gets a new trailer and more info, for those who are hungry

Metroid Dread‘s release is fast approaching. Today it is six weeks until we finally, after 19 years, get to know the continuation of Metroid Fusion. The age of the series and the fact that the Prime games are much more relevant to most fans has made Nintendo publish articles on a regular basis. These articles bear the name Metroid Dread Report and is there to inaugurate new players in the series and present just what Metroid Dread will be.

All the powerful trailers and hype are mostly a nice distraction. The Metroid series has really taken off; Nintendo has really succeeded in this marketing! Personally, however, I have enough meat on my bones; the less I know until release the better. To me, the hype is nothing compared to being able to pile in as unknowingly as possible Metroid Dread when it’s time.

There are (at least) two kinds of people for everything. If you’re like me, you probably have not even read this far. Are not you like me below are all the nutritious Metroid reports that have been released since mid-June. Have a continued pleasant reading and see you in the discussion forum on October 8.

Report Vol. 1: A closer look at the reveal trailer

Report Vol. 2: Researching the EMMI

Report Vol. 3: Seven points that define the 2D saga

Report Vol. 4: Unravelling a saga 35 years in the making

Report Vol. 5: The powers of Samus Aran

Report Vol. 6: A deep dive into the latest trailer