Microsoft is redesigning the Edge notification system

Microsoft now discusses how the company’s browser Edge handles notification requests from web pages, reports Engadget.

The company recently chose that Edge would automatically silence all notification requests from web pages to create a more user-friendly browsing experience. However, the change was confusing for those users who actually wanted notifications, which is why Microsoft has now chosen to redo the system.

In conjunction with Edge 88, Microsoft will instead collect data regarding how users handle notification requests from individual pages and whether they choose to allow, block or ignore them. The information is then compiled in an annoyance rating that will determine if a site’s notifications will be automatically blocked by Edge. Sites will thus also have the chance to lower their annoyance rating, after which notification requests may begin to appear again.

Microsoft says it will continue to make adjustments to the feature for an experimental period and listen to user feedback. Regardless, users will still have the ability to automatically turn off all notification requests from web pages.

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