Microsoft may soon release the Xbox streaming app for Iphone and Ipad

Microsoft has just released an Android app to stream games from an Xbox One console to mobile phones, and according to The Verge an iOS version may be coming soon.

The company’s cloud-based streaming service for games, Xbox Cloud Gaming, has been stopped by Apple because it violates the same rules that stop Stadia. But both Valve and Sony have apps on the App Store that stream games you already own from your own computer and Playstation 4 respectively.

Microsoft’s new app is similar to these and it is not about streaming from any server but directly from your own game console.

Ridiculous rule change for streamed games does not fool us, Apple

Apple should have no problem with the app as there are specific rules for just this, which are followed by Steamlink and PS4 Remote Play. These say, for example, that the game must be run entirely on the host machine and that the client app must not have a store section. The buy-in app does not need to use Apple’s systems, as long as they are also processed directly on the host machine.

One thing that could trap the app is if Microsoft tries to circumvent the restriction that the games must run directly on the host machine, so that you can stream games from Xbox Game Pass Ultimate via your Xbox.