Microsoft presents Surface Pro 8

Surface Pro 8 has finally been introduced and this time there are minor updates on most things besides the design.

The day has come and Microsoft has now presented the Surface Pro 8 which comes with several news. Among other things, we have a new screen that Microsoft calls the PixelSense Flow Display of 13 inches and now offers 120Hz. The new screen also supports Dolby Vision and Adaptive Color Technology.

Another nice news is that the pen has been upgraded as well, now it is called Surface Slim Pen 2 and is narrower than its predecessor, which means that you can now store it between the keyboard and the device itself, much smoother and more secure. Surface Slim Pen 2 now also has a small vibration motor built in, which should give a different feeling when writing and drawing with it.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8

As usual when it comes to the new Surface Pro, the hardware under the shell has also been given a boost, this time we find Intel’s 11th generation Core processors on four cores, we can now also get up to 32GB of frame if needed. When it comes to ports, we now find Thunderbolt 4-equipped with USB-C, which means that we will be able to connect 4K screens directly into the Surface Pro 8.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 will go on sale early in 2022 and the price tag will then start from SEK 12,590.