Microsoft releases new accessories for homeworkers

Microsoft has in addition Surface Laptop 4 now also released several new computer accessories focused on teleworking.

Microsoft’s Modern Webcam is a webcam with 1080p resolution, a closable door and an included mounting bracket for a laptop or tripod. The webcams also have auto exposure and hdr but for some reason lack support for Windows Hello. Price is 70 dollars, corresponding to about 590 kronor, excluding local supplements.

Microsoft Surface Headphones
Photo: Microsoft

Surface Headphones 2 Plus for Business is a pair of wireless headphones with thirteen levels of active noise reduction. The headphones are optimized for voice and have been integrated with Microsoft 365 apps such as Powerpoint for automatic translation. There is also a dedicated Microsoft Teams button. The weight of the headphones is 290 grams and the battery should be enough for a 15-hour Team call or 18.5 hours of listening without active noise reduction. Price is 300 dollars, equivalent to about 2540 kronor, excluding local supplements.

Microsoft headset
Photo: Microsoft

Microsoft’s Modern Wireless Headset connects via bluetooth and has the same speakers as the Surface Headphones 2 Plus. The headset also has a noise-canceling microphone and the battery is sufficient for up to 30 hours of Team time or 50 hours of music listening. Price is 50 dollars, equivalent to about 420 kronor, excluding local supplements.

Microsoft speakers spring 2021
Photo: Microsoft

Finally, Micorsoft is releasing a USB-C speaker, the Modern USB-C Speaker, which can be used for both Team meetings and music playback. The speaker has microphones for Teams calls that can capture everyone in the room and a 50mm speaker for music. The speaker also has a dedicated Teams button and is wired with usb-c. Price is 100 dollars, corresponding to about 845 kronor, excluding local supplements.

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