Microsoft shuts down its Twitch challenger – merges with Facebook

Microsoft has now decided to shut down its live streaming service Mixer. Instead, Microsoft has signed a deal with Facbook that will allow Mixer users to be transferred to Facebook Gaming, reports Mspoweruser.

The switch to Facebook Gaming will take place in the coming weeks and Mixer will shut down completely on July 22. In conjunction with that, all Mixer links and apps will redirect users to Facebook Gaming.

Users who have been partners with Mixer will automatically become partners with Facebook Gaming and existing agreements will still apply. Users are also encouraged to use the platform’s own currency Ember and Sparks before the time expires. Those who still have Ember remaining or subscribe to paid channels or Mixer Pro will receive Xbox gift cards instead.

Microsoft invested heavily on Mixer last year by recruiting several major streamers like Ninja and Shroud to broadcast exclusively through the service. It is currently unclear exactly what is going on with these megastreamers. Ninja writes among other things via Twitter that he has “some decisions to make”.

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