Microsoft surprises with Surface Duo – mobile with Android apps

Update (2020-08-12):

Microsoft Surface Duo will be launched in September

Microsoft’s first foldable mobile, and the company’s first Android mobile, will soon be ready for launch. Microsoft has now confirmed a launch date:

Surface Duo will be released on the market on September 10th. It tells the company in one blogs which was published on Wednesday morning.

The price is set at 1,399 dollars, but we do not have access to any Swedish price or information about a Swedish launch.

Update (2020-07-07)

Microsoft recruits Android OS developer for Surface Duo

Microsoft is putting together an in-house team to handle the future development of Android OS for the company’s foldable mobile Surface Duo, reports Windows Central.

Previously, Microsoft will have hired third parties to handle the development. One of these, Movial, is said to have worked closely with Microsoft during both the prototype and development stages, and Microsoft has now chosen to buy the company’s local offices in Romania, Taiwan and the USA and make the staff there full-time employees of Microsoft.

Movial will continue to act as its own company from its headquarters in Finland.

The newly acquired developers will handle the operating system as well as app updates after the Surface Duo is released on the market.

Update (2020-05-16)

Tasks: Weaker battery in Microsoft’s Surface Duo

Microsoft’s upcoming foldable mobile, Surface Duo, may have poorer battery life than its competitors.

According to Windows Central the product will use a battery of only 3460mAh to power a device with two 5.6 inch screens, each with a resolution of 1800 x 1350, as well as a storage of either 64 or 256GB.

Windows Central has also previously reported that the Surface Duo will use an older Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor.

According to Windows Central, it is now also clear that Surface Duo will be released with Android 10 and then updated to Android 11.

Regardless, the Surface Duo is now said to be so ready that Microsoft employees, outside the Surface team, have been given the opportunity to take home and test devices. When the mobile phone will be released is still unclear, but there are many indications that it will be earlier than Christmas 2020.

Update (2020-03-02):

Can be released earlier

When Microsoft first showed off the Surface Duo and Neo – the company’s foldable phone and laptop with dual screens – they announced the product releases for Christmas shopping in 2020. But at least the Duo can end up in stores earlier than that. Windows Central reports on several sources claiming that Microsoft may release Duo in limited edition already this summer.

How come? Well, both the software (Android 10) and the hardware work are complete. According to Windows Central, Microsoft is now in the final stages, ie its own interface that ends up on top of Google’s basic Android. According to sources, Microsoft believes it will be finished with this already in April.

Windows Central also reports that the Surface Duo is probably powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 circuit, ie last year’s top circuit, and that the entry-level model is shipped with a 6 GB frame and 64 GB storage. Support for 5g technology seems to be lacking. The modest specifications speculate Windows Central may be another reason why Microsoft wants to bring the Duo to market as soon as possible.

Update (2020-02-27):

New videos show interesting note function on Surface Duo

Two new videos on Surface Duo have been leaked online via the Twitter user @ h0x0d. Something that was first noticed by Cnet.

The clip shows a new possible notification function for Surface Duo where you can open the phone a little slightly ajar to take a quick look at your notifications.

The second video shows how the same function can also be used to see who is calling, after which you can open the Surface Duo all the way to answer.

Update (2020-01-23):

“Get started, app developer!”

Towards the end of the year, Microsoft’s first mobile phone in a long time is expected to be released. Surface Duo will also be the company’s first product not to run Windows. It uses Android instead, but due to the dual screens, developers need to customize their apps to make optimal use of the phone.

To get there, Microsoft has now released a first early beta version of developer tools for Surface Duo. It is so far rough-hewn tools, writes Engadget, but they allow developers to get started so they can hopefully have apps ready around launch.

A similar developer tool for Surface Neo, Duo’s big sister running Windows 10X, will be released on February 11.

Both developer packages consist partly of an emulator and partly of programming interfaces for adapting apps to the dual screens.

Update (2020-01-13):

The Microsoft CEO shows off his foldable Surface Duo

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was recently documented in the wild when he showed off his preview version of the company’s upcoming foldable mobile device, Surface Duo, to Yahoo Finance’s editor Brian Sozzi.

Brian Sozzi then posted a photo from the meeting on Twitter, adding that he was completely “enchanted” by the Surface Duo, which he describes as “sickly smooth.”

Microsoft’s Surface Duo is scheduled for release by the end of 2020.

Update (2019-10-04):

That’s why Microsoft is investing in Android

Microsoft Product Manager Panos Panay, also known as the father of the Surface brand, hosted The Verges podcast The Vergecast to talk about Microsoft’s upcoming “smartphone” Surface Duo.

When asked by the host why Surface Duo uses Android, Panos Panay answered:

“Because it’s the apps you want … I do not know how to answer it differently. Because there are hundreds of thousands of apps and you want them. And Satya Nadella (Microsoft CEO) and I talked about it and it’s about meeting customers where they are and where they will be. And I do not think the mobile application platform will disappear in the near future, so it’s pretty simple … You need the apps. ”

Surface Duo
Photo: MicrosoftMicrosoft’s Panos Panay unveiled the Surface Duo on October 2.

Panos Panay continued to talk about the fact that it is now instead a matter of gaining access to developers who can look at what the new platform and its unique features with two screens can achieve.

“You can see the power of it pretty quickly.”

Panos Panay also confirmed that Surface Duo uses the Play Store as well as Google’s search engine in addition to Bing.

Asked why Google allows Microsoft to build its own Android user experience, Panos said that it is not about “allowing” but about the Surface Duo being a Surface product that uses both Android and Microsoft functionality.

Panos Panay maintained during the conversation that Android is by no means the future of Microsoft, but that it is about giving customers what they want in the products they use. That it’s about having the right thing in the right place.

“In the case of mobile devices, the obvious choice was Android.”

Vergecast also asked about things like whether Google search could be integrated with Windows but it chose Panos Panay not to answer for the moment.

“In a way, our relationship is being built, it is deeply rooted and we are cooperating. It’s the best way to think about it. I do not think it’s about giving and taking. I think it’s about: What’s right product to build? That’s how I feel. I think that’s how my Google equivalent feels, and that’s what we’ll be doing. “

Previously (2019-10-02):

Here is Surface Duo – mobile with Android apps

Prior to Microsoft’s Surface event in New York, information about a foldable model had been leaked and no one was particularly surprised when the company showed just one: Surface Neo. But the company was not satisfied there, and when Panos Panay pulled out the next product, the audience gasped for breath.

Surface Duo is a mini version of Surface Neo, and in fact a new foldable mobile phone. Like its big sister, it has dual screens and can be folded so that it works as a reasonably large tablet with dual screens, as a small mini laptop or with the screens facing outwards like a mobile.

Surface Earbuds: Microsoft releases true wireless headphones

Microsoft has been working with Google on the operating system and it looks like a heavily modified version of Android, with interfaces reminiscent of regular Windows 10. It can run standard Android apps.

Surface Duo
Photo: Microsoft

Where the Surface Neo has 9-inch screens, the Surface Duo has 5.6-inch screens. This means that the total area in the open position becomes like a 7.3-inch screen.

If all goes according to plan, Microsoft intends to launch the Surface Duo just in time for Christmas shopping in 2020.

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