Microsoft warns of widespread phishing attacks – redirects links

Microsoft warns now for a new phishing attack with emails that contain links to known web pages, but which in fact redirect you to malicious pages.

The method uses a type of link that is often used in sales and marketing, where it is possible to track the information about who clicks on a url in a newsletter or on social media.

The structure of the link begins with a primary domain followed by analytical data and a final site. This allows attackers to take a victim from a legitimate site to a malicious site that looks like the legitimate site.

It is common for the attackers to also use captchas or similar to make the malicious site appear more credible. In fact, the attackers will try to snatch the victim’s login information, after which the site says that “something went wrong” and the victim is redirected once more. This time to the legitimate site they thought they were on from the beginning.

Microsoft has compiled a list on the malicious urls used by the attackers. Another way to protect yourself is to use some form of password manager as these will not fill in the login details on a fake site.

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