Microsoft will eventually update the Skype design

Microsoft Skype

Microsoft has finally presented a real facelift on Skype just as they promised and a lot has happened with the design and features.

The day has come and Skype will finally be get a new design, more or less a new interface that is much more modern and a little easier to work with. The interface for, among other things, group conversations is significantly better now than before, but there have also been some new features such as changing your background if you have the webcam on.

It will also be possible to participate in skype calls without a skype account and this through “Meet now”, here too the interface has been improved and made clearer.

But Microsoft does not seem to be done with Skype, they have more updates underway that they have already revealed. Among other things, a function they call “Twin Cam” which will make it possible to use both the camera on a PC but also on the phone, at the same time. Quite smooth if you want to show something specific and not have to turn and turn on your webcam or laptop.

There is no set date for when this update will be released, but Microsoft has aimed to do so before the end of the year.

Microsoft Skype