Millions disappear in text message fraud – now the police warn again

In three months, fraudsters have defrauded private individuals and companies in western Sweden of SEK 6.7 million through textile fraud. This is what the police write on their website.

The messages usually appear to come from credible senders, such as the bank’s blocking service or debt collection company, and those who have received an SMS are usually asked to click on a link or dial a number.

– In the message, which is often brief, they want to stress the recipient by claiming that there has been fraudulent activity in the bank account or that a bill has gone to debt collection, says Elin Syberg Falguera, crime prevention at the fraud section in region West, via the police website.

If you call the number or click on the link, the fraudster then tries to get the person to use their mobile Bank ID or give out card details.

– We see a new target group for fraudsters who to a greater extent contact companies, probably because the crime profits are greater, several hundred thousand kronor and up. We also see that fraudsters persuade plaintiffs to make purchases of Bitcoin on various trading venues.

According to the police, the number of reports will decrease at the same time as the crime profits increase. According to statistics, they are slightly higher in western Sweden compared to the rest of the country.

The police’s advice for protecting yourself against text message fraud is to use common sense and remind yourself that no case is so urgent that you must follow a link sent to you. Instead, find the phone number of the alleged sender yourself and contact them to check if the message is correct.

Also, never log in to Bank ID or sign purchases on request that come from text messages.

If you use a Bank ID, you should also look carefully at what you sign.

Remember that if you have received a fraudulent text message, you can take a screenshot of what can be used in a report.

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