Minecraft Earth will be closed already this summer

The pandemic has made a real difference and unfortunately Minecraft Earth is one of the games that has been affected so much that it is shut down.

Minecraft Earth would make it possible to play Minecraft wherever we want through augmented reality technology, but to be able to do this you have to go out, you simply have to be out in the wild, something that may not be very good during a pandemic.

Minecraft Earth may not have been quite the success that Microsoft and Mojang had hoped for, Minecraft Earth came to Sweden in the autumn of 2019 and the number of players was far from what was expected.

Now, however, the sad news is that Minecraft Earth will be shut down on June 30 and on July 1, all data in the game will be deleted. Who knows if we will ever see a Minecraft Earth in the future when the pandemic has calmed down and we can start moving around just like before.