Mobile deposit is not recommended – can become a reality anyway

The government’s special investigator, Gunnar Fredriksson, does not recommend a future mortgage for small items such as mobile phones, writes TT.

– We see a mortgage as complicated to introduce and it solves only a limited part of the problems we have identified, says Gunnar Fredriksson to the news agency.

Instead, the recommendation is that producers of small food products should be given greater responsibility to take care of the collection and recycling of their products. Such a collection system is estimated by Gunnar Fredriksson to increase the price of a mobile phone by approximately SEK 30-40. The electronics industry has also advocated increased producer responsibility instead of a deposit system.

Despite the recommendation, the Minister for the Environment and Climate, Per Bolund, is in favor of introducing a deposit system.

– We will introduce a deposit system. That is the track we are following, he tells TT.

According to him, a deposit system would bring in a million more telephones in exchange for increased producer responsibility.

– Mobiles that often lie and litter in people’s drawers. According to a survey, households have up to 25 million mobile phones.

Demands for a mortgage for small electronics, says Per Bolund, is also part of the January agreement between the red-green government, the Center Party and the Liberals.

If the government regardless wants to proceed with a deposit system, the special investigator Gunnar Fredriksson recommends starting with only having a deposit for mobile phones. In that case, this could be introduced from January 2023.

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