Mods can fit with the Nintendo Wii in a Game Boy small chassis

The modder GingerOfMods has succeeded with the feat of taking a Nintendo Wii and making the console fit into a 3D-printed chassis with the same dimensions as a Gameboy Color. Result: Wiiboy Color.

The portable console has the same features as the original Nintendo Wii and took a total of nine months to build.

According to GingerOfMods, it should all have been possible because the Wii console’s motherboard could be made very small. The console software then needed to be hacked to completely remove the need for a disk reader.

The console’s game controls use Nintendo DS Lite buttons and Nintendo Switch joysticks and on the back mind also two z-triggers and two c-buttons.

The controls can also be used to simulate the Nintendo Wii’s motion control. According to GingerofMods, that particular feature is not perfect yet but will be updated as time goes on.

On the side of the console there is then a switch and volume buttons. Wiiboy Color also has a headphone input, a USB-C for data transfer and charging, and an LED that shows the status of the battery.

The monitor is a 3.5-inch IPS panel in 480p and there is a speaker at the front and a socket for the fan at the back.

Wiiboy Color can also be connected to a real Wii to get access to a standard TV screen and traditional controls with the same games and save files. The console’s battery should last for two to three hours of playing time.

If you want a more detailed review of the hack, GingerOfMods has posted a video on Youtube about it all.

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