Monster Hunter Rise – Review

Monster Hunter Rise escalates the hunt for the poor dinosaur-like animals that most want to keep their skin.

Now, my beloved little chicks

Let’s go out into the steaming jungles of the Nintendo Switch together

And smelly swamp

Now we’m going on a monster hunt

Now we’m going on a monster hunt!

Monster Hunter is a strange series, in several ways. On the one hand, it is one of the few co-op-focused game series on portable formats such as 3DS and PSP that were actually extremely popular and played online. Which is impressive considering how lousy the 3DS online system is. It is also a series that used to be almost completely devoid of story. You just went out into the jungles, deserts, mountains and swamps and killed every single big monster (and a lot of small ones, too) you saw. All to make huge weapons from their skeletons, as well as usually very ugly clothes from their skins and fur. A kind of Felix Herngren simulator, you could say.

It is really an, in my eyes, extremely unsympathetic concept. There is no real reason to kill all these animals, which mostly take care of themselves, other than to be able to get bigger weapons to kill even more monsters with. In recent games, they have tried to write more of a story reason why you go bloody bananas on everything that moves, but still.

Of course, it’s just a game, so it’s not directly that I call animal welfare. But it hurts a little to see your victim get tired and injured and drooling around to desperately try to escape.

However, none of this has stopped me from playing unnecessarily many hours Monster Hunter on both PSP, 3DS and PC. Above all, the phenomenal Monster Hunter World, which added a lot of much-needed streamlining to the previously unnecessarily cumbersome game series.

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Many of the monsters have a distinct Asian design.