More complicated to change the default browser in Windows 11

In Windows 10, it became a little more complicated to change the default browser, and now it looks like Windows 11 will complicate it further, reports The Verge.

The dialog that appears when you first open a link after installing an alternate browser is now displayed only once. If you do not check “Always use this app” and click on your selected program, you will not get another chance next time.

The usual way to change default programs in Settings has also changed: Instead of just changing “browsers”, you have to manually change the default programs for each file type that normally opens in browsers: htm, html, pdf (if you do not want to open them in Acrobat Reader) , shtml, svg, webp, xht, xhtml, ftp, http and https.

Competing browsers are unsurprisingly anything but happy with the changes. Selena Deckelman at Mozilla tells The Verge that the organization has been concerned about the trend in Windows for several years, and a spokeswoman for Vivaldi says that Microsoft has made it more difficult for each version of Windows to change the default browser.

Windows 11 is still a beta version and it is possible that Microsoft will make changing the default browser easier again before a sharp launch.