More easily navigated Android for users with disabilities

In conjunction with Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Google has released several updates to its products to make it easier to use for people with disabilities.

The biggest of these is by far Action Blocks, a new Android app that helps users with cognitive disabilities to carry out everyday smartphone things with just a single touch.

Over 630 million people in the world today have some form of cognitive impairment. The problem with apps is that they often require a certain amount of cognitive ability to function. Users often need to make choices, remember things, enter text or even edit text.

Something like Action Blocks comes around with the help of Google Assistant, or rather a voiceless version of Google Assistant where you can press to get Google Assistant to do something for you.

The app makes it easy to create a widget, a small program on the home screen, that can do things like start a movie, control the automation in the home or start a video chat with a family member.

Action Blocks is available to download now through the Google Play Store.

Beyond that report The Verge Google is also adding new features to Live Transcribe, Bluetooth support for Sound Amplify and better navigation in Voice Access.

Google Maps now also has the opportunity to showcase wheelchair customization for locations right from the start, rather than having to look for them in the location details.

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