More pangpang: Deathsmiles and Gynoug

Gynoug: The Winged Warrior will be the next classic Mega Drive shooter to be converted / emulated to modern platforms. Gynoug was first released in 1991 (in the US with the title Wings of Wor) and was developed by Masaya Systems, the same studio behind among others Gleylancer and the mech classics Cybernator (Assault Suit Valken).

It is Ratalaika which stands for new code and emulation, which means sophisticated settings for the scrub filter (it should look like you’re playing on a thick TV!). There will also be QoL updates such as save states and a new, more forgiving and adjustable game mode. The price tag will land around SEK 60, which is a very affordable price (even if the original game does not go for excessive amounts yet). Gynoug will be released on November 12 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo switch.

In the same crank releases City Connection and Strictly Limited Games a double package containing Deathsmiles I-II. This anime-gothic shooter duology was developed by the veterans CAVE and comes in physical as well as a digital edition, with the DLC package Gothic wa Mahou Otome. Deathsmiles I-II released on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The physical editions can be pre-booked at SLG’s website, and as usual there is a wonderful special edition on the menu.