More people playing Farming Simulator 22 than Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 may have had a tough launch, but Farming Simulator 22 has had a brilliant start, so good that they beat BF2042.

Farming Simulator 22, which was released exactly one week ago, has got off to a really good start, a good start for being a simulator game that many have been waiting for.

Battlefield 2042, which many had hoped for, was instead a disappointment, especially on Steam. If we look at the numbers, we see that Farming Simulator 22 had 105,636 players in the first 7 days, while Battlefield 2042 had to settle for 105,397 players in its first 10 days.

These are not huge differences but still fun to see how a game like Farming Simulator 22 beats giants like Battlefield 2042, it will be fun to see if Battlefield 2042 will win back many players or if it will be a game that slowly but surely dies out unfortunately due to its shortcomings.