Most searched on Google 2021: This is how the Swedes searched

In early December summarize Google annually the search trends worldwide. Anyone who is interested can go down on country level, and in 2021 it was the European Football Championship that won “the most trending search” in our country. On the “how” question, most people wanted to know how many had been vaccinated and “what” was represented by “what does it cost to charge an electric car?”.

Other first places on the search lists consist of “Einar” and the TV series “Squid Game”. Below are a couple of selected top lists presented by Google that are most searched in Sweden in 2021:

1) How many have been vaccinated in Sweden?
2) What will the summer of 2021 be like?
3) How long should cross-country skis be?
4) How long is a handball match?
5) How long does the cold spread?
6) How many working days in a year?
7) How many medals does Sweden have in the 2021 Olympics?
8) How long do you have antibodies?
9) How often is TBE vaccine?
10) How long does it take to go to Mars?

News & Events
1) Einar
2) Covidbevis
3) GME stock
4) Christian Eriksen
5) Lars Vilks
6) Magdalena Andersson
7) Göran Lambertz
8) Ethereum course
9) RS virus
10) Afghanistan

1) EM 2021
2) Premier League
3) OS 2021
4) Champions League
5) Handball World Cup
6) Christian Eriksen
7) Sweden-Ukraine
8) Allsvenskan
9) Hockey World Cup
10) SHL

1) Squid Game
2) Eurovision 2021
3) Popcat
4) Chestnut men
5) Knutby
6) Masked Singer
7) Fast Cash
8) Dune
9) Skandiamannen (The unlikely killer)
10) Young Royals

1) What does it cost to charge an electric car?
2) What is RS virus?
3) What is tantra?
4) What are protected persons?
5) What can you do when you are bored?
6) What are the Taliban?
7) What does walla mean?
8) What is photosynthesis?
9) What is happening in Afghanistan?
10) What is a PCR test?

This year’s most trending searches 2021
1) EM 2021
2) Einar
3) Squid Game
4) Premier League
5) Eurovision 2021
6) iPhone 13
7) OS 2021
8) Covidbevis
9) Champions League
10) Handball World Cup