MSI unveils 1440p / 300Hz Mini-LED monitor at CES 2022

Monitors with a very high refresh rate are definitely in fashion for this CES 2022. MSI in turn unveils a 1440p screen with a frequency of 300Hz.

MSI lifts the veil on the MEG 271Q Mini LED. Behind this barbaric name hides a 27-inch screen in 16: 9 format and offering a WQHD definition (2560 x 1440 pixels). What makes all its charm is especially its Rapid IPS panel and its Mini-LED backlighting.

You will understand, the Mini-LED is the future. Finally, according to some. This technology makes it possible to offer a much more dynamic image with much better contrasts. 2022 should be the year of the Mini-LED according to the various announcements, and MSI has understood this well. In doing so, the visual rendering is much better than a more traditional screen, and we can also count on a VESA Display HDR1000 certification to enhance the colors. Finally, the Rapid IPS technology (or Fast IPS according to the manufacturers) makes it possible to offer better responsiveness.

Visual of the MSI screen.  The only one that exists at the moment.
The only visual available for the screen at the moment.

MSI offers the best for its screen

Where this MSI screen is strong is that it also has a refresh rate of 300 Hz. In fact, it is a perfect screen for eSports and those who are looking for fluidity and absolute responsiveness. As for other characteristics, always for fluidity, we will not fail to note Nvidia Gsyn compatibility, an Nvidia technology that allows you to synchronize the refresh rate of your graphics card with that of your screen.

Finally the response time is announced at 1 ms. At the moment, we have no launch date or price for this cute tech toy. There is no doubt that MSI will take care of giving us the information in the weeks or months to come.